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About Us

Our Vision

To make technology more inclusive for all stakeholders, enabling them to realise its full benefits, drive progress and achieve success.

We believe that everyone should have access to the tools and solutions they need to succeed, regardless of size or resources.

We are dedicated to breaking down barriers to technology adoption and helping businesses harness its power to drive growth, improve efficiency, and make a positive impact in the world.

We are a consultancy, and we solve problems by providing technology solutions Рservices and products, for Clients and Customers to Benefit. 

Our objective is to unlock the power of information, empowering you, me, us. In other words, ensuring the safety of every person by giving them access to the information we need to keep us safe.

Where technology serves people, connects us and extends our capabilities to increase our productivity, sustainability, and capacity.

Our Mission

To empower businesses to achieve their full potential through inclusive and innovative technology solutions.

We strive to make technology accessible and impactful for all, by providing expert guidance, cutting-edge tools, and tailored support.

Our goal is to help businesses optimise their operations, drive growth, and make a positive impact in their communities, all while embracing the transformative power of technology.

We Love Solving Problems

Teqie is a multi-disciplinary consultancy, and we solve problems by providing technology solutions – services and products, for clients, customers and consumers.

We are Business, Technology and Operation Professionals from a wide range of experiences and backgrounds. Each contributing to the cognitive diversity, and creativity we’re able to demonstrate through out innovative solutions, and services.

Our objective is to unlock the power of information, empowering the people. Where technology serves the people, and provides us with solutions to achieve Net Zero.

Our Values



Problem Solvers
Value Driven

We seek always to add value, and improve.

We are connecting technology solutions to peoples pains.

We want technology to serve people, solve problems, simply be better. Much of technology already exists, and has been created, and changed by people who do not care about social value, or inclusion, etc. There are so many gaps in the available solutions, that exclude people that should have access to them. We also exist to seek these opportunities to bridge, and close these gaps.

Our solutions must be inclusive, accessible, affordable in reflection our clients need, and situation. We therefore always strive to find, and add value – not to sell. We exchange this value for money to sustain our business. Ideally, we have done the same for our Clients and customers too.

It may seem counter intuitive, but our goal is for our Clients and customers to be empowered. Meaning, eventually they will not require our services. They will desire them, and love our products because of the difference it makes for them – but they wont depend on it, or need us.

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